Penyediaan Slaid Persembahan

by Dr. Supyan Hussin © 2012

When designing your PowerPoint slides

  • use ready made templates provided by PowerPoint
  • keep it simple and short (KISS), avoid overcrowding
  • avoid long sentences but use points form; bullets are acceptable and should be used appropriately
  • if you have a long sentence, then highlight/color the key words or terms that you want your audience to focus on or to remember
  • keep ONE idea or concept or issue in ONE slide; avoid overlapping ideas or concepts in one slide
  • keep 6 lines per slide
  • keep 6-8 word per line per slide
  • keep 3 font color per slides
  • use appropriate graphics/images to illustrate you points
  • use maximum of 3 graphics per slide, if you need to
  • avoid fancy looking slides
  • be CONSITENT with your design: background, color, font, proximity
  • use special effects (animations/transitions) where appropriate, not on all slides, not all the time; use them to reveal one point after another, to emphasize certain points, to illustrates your points, to show significance
  • want more…refer to class notes Visual Principles 2010, download from SPIN

When you present the slides

  • speak from the slides, elaborate your points by referring to the points form in the slides
  • do not read everything in your slides verbally unless it’s a quotation
  • do not block the view of your audience
  • use laser pointer or cursor arrow to point to your content in the slides; avoid using finger near the screen.
  • maintain eye contact with your audience; avoid seeing the projection screen most (or all) the time; instead, look at the computer screen in front of your and not the projection screen behind you.

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